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Two Rivers Métis Society is:   

•  A registered non-profit society that assists Métis families 
• A Chartered Community of Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) 
 • A community inside Region #3 - the Thompson & Okanagan 
 • A community which serves and provide services for the Métis citizens of Kamloops and surrounding area 
• A community which covers the area north to Clearwater, east to Chase, south of Kamloops, and west of Cache Creek

To promote Métis culture and assist Métis 
people and their families in conducting their 
Métis Citizenship and Chartered 
Métis Community acceptance.

To promote programs and services which support the Spiritual, Cultural, Health, Educational, Economic, Legal, and Recreational needs 
of Métis people within Kamloops and area.

To create awareness of cultural and social activities of our Métis community.

    To represent all genders and ages of people respectfully and equally in all TRMS activities
     in our individual roles as Métis people.

      To coordinate and promote the common 
      interest of Métis people through every means possible within the framework of this constitution.

        To encourage Métis people to serve their community and to develop their talents and capabilities proudly.

        To engage in any manner of activity that is 
        lawful for the raising of funds that is used in 
        the enhancement of Métis Cultural activiities.

        To develop information and communication networks within TRMS and the broader 
        community serving the Métis people.

          Membership Opportunities:

          • • Provincial Métis Identification by MNBC

          • • Education training, bursaries, and scholarships                      
          • • Business training and programs
          • • Métis heritage and culture knowledge 
          • • Updates on community events and celebrations

          Community Projects: 

          We invite the Two Rivers Métis Community, Métis, Indigenous, and non-Indigenous people of all ages to participate with us in our celebrations and activities.

            • National Indigenous Peoples Day - June 21st
            • Canada Day Celebration - July 1st
            • Louis Riel Celebration - November 16th
            • MNBC Workshops
            • Indigenous Healthy Living
            • Métis Kitchen Party
            • TRMS Socials, Workshops, and Events
            • Learning Métis Language - Michif
            • Métis Culture Sharing at TRMS GMs and Workshops
            • Building Métis Culture Resource Kits
            • Sharing Métis Culture with Community, Kamloops and area

          • Métis Youth Camps - Confidence and Skill Building 
          • Métis Youth at TRU (University) - Métis Culture Support for MNBC Event
          • TRMS Elders Connection and Honoring
          • TRMS and Social Media - Visibility and Accessibility for Two Rivers Métis
          • TRMS Facebook Site
          • Métis Monday on Facebook - sharing Métis facts, connecting, & moving     forward
          • TRMS Website
          • TRMS Membership Drive
          • MNBC and TRMS Community Acceptance
          • TRMS Membership Cards Updated
          • TRMS Membership Record Keeping Procedures
          • Donations and Support from Community Groups
          • Partnering with Indigenous Groups for Projects and Visibility

          Volunteering Helps Make A Healthy Métis Community

              Whether you are new to the region, a new member or an active member in the community, 

               TRMS would like to connect and support the Métis members in their volunteering efforts.

                Volunteering Brings Personal Satisfaction and Benefits:

          • • Can lead you to discover an interest, a experience, or your Métis identity 
          • • Sharing stories, ideas, and talents to the public 
          • • Educating our youth on Métis history, culture, heritage, language and traditions
          • • Promoting our Métis artisans, businesses, and cultural achievements
          • • Become more involved in your local Métis community

          Current Volunteering Positions

          •  • GM set up help
          •  • Kitchen help at Meeting
          •  • Métis Culture Committee: researching Métis Culture, building display and interactive resources, sharing Métis Culture

          TRMS is moving forward on presenting programs that develop personal skill sets, community networking, and building Metis Pride!

          Métis Heritage Sharing

          Membership Lists

          Elder & Youth Community

          Promoting Métis Cultural Activities

          Michif Greetings

          Connect with TRMS

          TRMS President - Dean Gladue
             Venue Address - GMs & Events
            Lii Michif Otipemisiwak (LMO Office)
            707 Tranquille Road
            Kamloops, BC  V2B 3J1
            TRMS Website URL:

            Contact Information                                            

           Two Rivers Métis Society (postal only)
           PO BOX 25036
           #35 - 1800 Tranquille Road
           Kamloops, BC  V2B 8R6