Become a member

The Two Rivers Métis Society (TRMS) is a chartered community of the Métis Nation of British Columbia (MNBC). Any MNBC citizen living in the Two Rivers Métis Society’s area of service is automatically considered a member of the Two Rivers Métis Society. Our community’s boundaries include Chase to the East, Kamloops to the South, Cache Creek to the West, and Clearwater to the North. 

To become a new member of TRMS, you must first apply for your MNBC citizenship. MNBC is responsible for adjudicating new potential Métis citizens’ genealogy and validating ancestral ties to the Métis Nation as part of their citizenship process. Once completed, MNBC informs the TRMS Board (by letter) of the new member in the Kamloops region.

MNBC provides TRMS with a regularly updated list of MNBC citizens living in our area of service. This is what we use as our membership list.

If you are interested in applying for your MNBC citizenship, you can learn more about the process and get started here. If you are already an MNBC citizen and have just moved to the TRMS area, you can update your address with MNBC at this link, and you will automatically be added to the TRMS membership list. 

Members of TRMS receive access to: 

  • Cultural community events and celebrations
  • Opportunities to connect with Métis elders 
  • Events and connections for Métis youth
  • Workshops that promote Métis heritage and culture knowledge
  • Community meetings – have your say and a vote!