What we offer

  • Invitations to community events and celebrations with traditional Metis food and entertainment (learn how to jig!)
  • Community meetings – have your say and a vote!
  • Opportunities to connect with Métis elders and youth. We love our intergenerational community!
  • A regular Elder’s Luncheon with relevant workshops and special guests
  • Workshops that promote Métis heritage and knowledge-sharing (like beading sessions and a moccasin-making workshop)
  • Events and connections for Métis youth
  • Programs that support the well-being and growth of our members including a Seed Exchange program (food security) and the PAL Training course (harvesting).

For Two Rivers COVID funding, contact info@tworiversmetis.ca or download and complete our COVID funding application form and email it to info@tworiversmetis.ca. Funding requests will be reviewed on an individual basis and are dependent on available funds.