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Taanishi!  Welcome to our Métis Community

About Us

Two Rivers Métis Society (TRMS)

is a registered non-profit society that represents the needs of the Métis citizens in Kamloops and the surrounding area.

TRMS is a Chartered Community of Métis Nation British Columbia.

Who are the Métis?

“Métis means a person who self-identifies as Métis, is distinct from other Aboriginal peoples, is of historic Métis Nation Ancestry and who is accepted by the Métis Nation.”  A Métis is a person of mixed European and Indigenous ancestry and is one of three recognized Aboriginal peoples in Canada.   The Métis Nation originated mainly in Western Canada and emerged as a political force in the 19th century, radiating outwards from the Red River Settlement in MB.  Métis people have their own unique culture, traditions, language (Michif), way of life, collective consciousness, and nationhood.

What we do?
TRMS is a supportive Métis Society and Community which:

  • Offers assistance to local Métis in filing for MNBC Citizenship and Chartered Community Acceptance.
  • Provides resources which support the Spiritual, Cultural, Health, Educational, Economic, Legal, and Recreational needs of Métis people within Kamloops and area.
  • Brings awareness of the cultural and social activities of the Métis.
  • Encourages members to develop their talents and capabilities to serve their community better.

TRMS Mission

TRMS Vision

TRMS provides culturally relevant social programs and services for the Métis in Kamloops and area.

TRMS will continue the historical struggle for the recognition of Métis rights.

TRMS will gather and connect with members and share Métis culture with the Kamloops and area Métis community.
TRMS will build a large and active Métis community membership.
TRMS will build a proud Métis community that is knowledgeable about their Métis history, culture, and Métis rights.

Métis Community

TRMS Executives
TRMS Event


TRMS is made up of members who are verified by MNBC as Métis and members who are non-Métis but support the Métis Community.
TRMS is run by Volunteers;  Elected Board Members who have their MNBC Citizenship Card and by other volunteer members of the TRMS Community.

TR President: Dean Gladue 
TR Vice-President: Chantel Jones
TR Secretary: Patricia Plant  
TR Treasurer: Linda Latin
TR Elder: Teresa MacIsaac
TR Director: Raven Ritcey
TR Women Rep.: Robbi Davey
Youth Rep.: Jessica Shaw