Who We Are

  • A chartered community of Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC).
  • Part of Region #3 – the Thompson Okanagan.
  • A community that serves the Métis citizens of Kamloops and the surrounding areas.
  • We cover Clearwater, east to Chase, south of Kamloops, and west of Cache Creek.
  • A registered non-profit society.


  • To develop information and communication networks within TRMS and the broader community serving the Métis people.
  • To encourage Métis people to serve their community and to develop their talents and capabilities proudly.
  • To promote programs and services which support the Spiritual, Cultural, Health, Educational, Economic, Legal, and Recreational needs of Métis people within Kamloops and area.
  • To promote Métis culture and assist Métis people and their families in conducting their Métis Citizenship and Chartered Métis Community acceptance.
  • To engage in any manner of activity that is lawful for the raising of funds that is used in the enhancement of Métis Cultural activities.
  • To coordinate and promote the common interest of Métis people through every means possible within the framework of this constitution.
  • To create awareness of cultural and social activities of our Métis community.
  • To represent all genders and ages of people respectfully and equally in all TRMS activities in our individual roles as Métis people.

Membership Opportunities

  • Provincial Métis Identification by MNBC
  • Education training, bursaries, and scholarships
  • Business training and programs
  • Métis heritage and culture knowledge
  • Updates on community events and celebrations

Participate with us in our celebrations and activities

  • National Indigenous Peoples Day – June 21st
  • Canada Day Celebration – July 1st
  • Louis Riel Celebration – November 16th
  • MNBC Workshops
  • Indigenous Healthy Living
  • Métis Kitchen Party
  • TRMS Socials, Workshops, and Events
  • Learning Métis Language – Michif
  • Métis Culture Sharing at TRMS GMs/ Workshops
  • Building Métis Culture Resource Kits
  • Sharing Métis Culture with the Community
  • TRMS Elders Connection and Honoring
  • Métis Youth Camps – confidence and skill building
  • Métis Youth at TRU (University) – Métis Culture Support for MNBC Event
  • TRMS and Social Media – Visibility and Accessibility for Two Rivers Métis
  • Métis Monday on Facebook – sharing Métis facts, connecting and moving forward
  • TRMS Facebook Site
  • TRMS Website
  • TRMS Membership Drive
  • MNBC and TRMS Community Acceptance
  • TRMS Membership Cards Updated
  • TRMS Membership Record-Keeping Procedures
  • Donations and Support from Community Groups
  • Partnering with Indigenous Groups for Projects and Visibilit
TRMS books

Volunteering Helps Make A Healthy Métis Community

Whether you are new to the region, a new member or an active member in the community, TRMS would like to connect and support the Métis members in their volunteering efforts.

Volunteering Brings Personal Satisfaction and Benefits:

  • Can lead you to discover an interest, a experience, or your Métis identity 
  • Sharing stories, ideas, and talents to the public
  • Educating our youth on Métis history, culture, heritage, language and traditions
  • Promoting our Métis artisans, businesses, and cultural achievements
  • Become more involved in your local Métis community

Current Volunteering Positions:

  • GM set up
  • Kitchen help at Meetings
  • Métis Culture Committee: researching Métis Culture, building display and interactive resources, sharing Métis Culture


TRMS is moving forward on presenting programs that develop personal skill sets, community networking, and building Métis Pride!