Our goal is to be a thriving Métis community for all Métis citizens and their families. You are required to be accepted by the Two Rivers chartered community to receive an MNBC membership. If you need assistance to complete your documentation for MNBC Citizenship, please email the membership director. You can become a community Member if you are verified by the registrar at MNBC. You can find more information about registering with MNBC on their citizenship area.


Membership Information

For a TRMS Certificate and or Card

  • TRMS Board Acceptance of a Community Member
  • You are verified by MNBC and sent a community acceptance letter by email. Show this email or bring in your MNBC card.
  • TRMS forms are completed, community acceptance meeting attendance is expected, Reg. # is assigned to all MNBC Metis identifed citizens – youth to adult.
  • TRMS Community Certificate is given, TRMS Community Card will be handed out later to adults and then to youth when they are 18 years of age.
  • Youth get an Associate Certificate for now. TRMS registration numbers are only for those adults who are verified Metis by MNBC.
  • Those with a TRMS card will have voting rights as they are MNBC and an adult.
  • If you are a youth or adult from or in a Metis family, but are not Metis verified by MNBC, you’ll get a TRMS Associate Certificate upon completing your TRMS Membership Forms. You’ll have no TRMS reg. # and no voting rights.
  • If you are non Metis, and a TRMS supporter, then you’ll get a TRMS Associate Member Certificate upon completing your TRMS Membership Forms. You’ll have no TRMS reg. # and no voting rights.

Membership Types:
same price for community or association membership

TRMS Membership Procedure:

  • $25 new adult
  • $5 youth (under 18 years will only be issued a certificate)
  • $40 family
  • Elders Free (60 years and older)
  • $10 for replacement cards, no renewal date
  • The TRMS membership application is intended for all seeking to be a community or associate member of TRMS
  • Get your TRMS forms and picture handed in while you are waiting to hear from MNBC
  • Membership cards and certificates will be issued at a general meeting. You will be notified of the time and date of that meeting. Please Email: tworiversmetissociety@gmail.com about your attendance.
  • Please have all your documentation, photo, and fees (correct change) ready to be handed in.
  • You can print, complete, scan, and email forms. Then send your jpeg by email. Or you can mail the forms and your money and your picture. Or you can hand them in @707 Tranquille Rd. at the LMO Office (Lii Michif Otipemisiwak).
  • You can also pay your membership fees the night of a GMtg, by please have your other items in ahead of time.
  • Complete TRMS Membership application (2 TRMS pages to be done), forms are available by emailing TRMS or picking the TRMS pkg. up at 707 Tranquille Rd.– LMO Office in Kamloops BC.
  • Have your MNBC card to prove you are verified as Metis unless you are signing an MNBC community acceptance letter or unless you are waiting for your MNBC documents to be processed.
  • MNBC verification is needed for a TRMS community card and this TRMS card gives voting rights for those over 18 yrs. of age.
  • One Photo Identification and proof of ID – driver’s license, care card, passport are also needed.
  • A passport photo size picture is needed – shoulder and headshot. An emailed jpeg is preferred. You can smile as it’s a membership card and not an ID card. Take a phone selfie against a light background and email it to TRMS.

733 Members Support Two Rivers Métis Society

Wonderful, friendly people who keep this Métis Community alive!

We ask you for your support as a member of TRMS so we can continue to participate in Métis activities and events within our community.

We must cherish our inheritance.  We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on.

Louis Riel