We must cherish our inheritance.  We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on.

Louis Riel

Our goal is to be a thriving Métis community for all Métis citizens and their families. You can become a community member if you are verified by the registrar at Metis Nation BC (MNBC) and also required to be accepted by the Two Rivers community to receive an (MNBC) membership. MNBC sends an email to verify this before releasing membership.


Contact MNBC to begin your citizenship registration. Two Rivers Métis Society is a chartered community of MNBC and any citizenship registration process begins with MNBC. They are responsible for adjudicating genealogy and validating ancestral ties to the Nation. Once that is complete, MNBC will send the Board a letter to validate that you reside in the Kamloops region.

Please note: at this point in time we do not have a physical office. Contact us by email at info@tworiversmetis.ca or by phone: (236) 565.0081.


Two Rivers Membership Fees:

  • New adult: $25
  • Youth: $5 (under 18 years will be issued a certificate only)
  • Family: $40
  • Elders: Free (60 years and older)
  • $10 for replacement cards, no renewal date

Membership Steps

  • Request acceptance to the TRMS Metis community using the community acceptance form provided by Metis Nation BC (MNBC).
  • Once submitted to Two Rivers, this request is reviewed and approved by the board, then forwarded to MNBC for verification (You will be asked to attend a community acceptance meeting).
  • Upon verification of the community acceptance letter, MNBC will mail your MNBC membership card (to the home address you provide). Both youth and adults will receive an MNBC registration number.
  • Bring (or email an image of) your MNBC membership card as proof of Metis verified citizenship to Two Rivers, and complete the membership application process (see steps below).
  • A Community Certificate with a Two Rivers registration number (which gives you voting rights) is provided to adults only. (*see information about TRMS Associate Certificate for Metis youth below)

A TRMS Associate Certificate (no registration number, no voting rights) will be given upon completion of the TRMS membership application to:

  • Metis individuals who are 17 years of age or younger. A TRMS registration number (and voting rights) will be given to these individuals when they turn 18 years old.
  • Youth or or adults from, or in, a Metis family who are not Metis verified by MNBC
  • Non-Metis TRMS supporters

Apply for TRMS membership while waiting for you MNBC membership:

  • Download the Two Rivers membership form
  • Along with your completed two-page Two Rivers membership application form, the following must be submitted:
    • a passport size photo (jpg format preferred) Note: a shoulder and headshot phone selfie against a light background will work. Go ahead and smile; it’s a membership card, not an ID card.
    • One proof of ID with a photo – ie. driver’s license, health care card, passport
    • A cheque for your membership payment (fees noted below) OR bring the exact change to the TRMS general meeting (but please submit other items in advance).
  • Forward the above-noted items to Two Rivers Métis Society
  • Membership cards and certificates will be mailed to you